Saturday, April 17, 2010


You probably found yourself here for one of two reasons:

#1 By doing a search on hemangiomas. (he-man″je-o´mah)You may be a Mother that is frantically looking for information. Well, I've been there and I am still there. Although I am much calmer these days I still research and try to find other Mothers out there that might be able to relate. And for that reason I have decided to allow this blog to be added to the "blogs" list and it is search able. I want to help other Mothers out there that need answers or just need someone to talk to. If you found yourself to this blog because you were researching hemangiomas, chances are you know what one is but I know many who do not. I must admit --before Alexis was diagnosed with one I never even understood the term. Let me first warn you before you go searching on the Internet. What you normally find on the Internet under the term "hemangioma" can be frightening. And normally they are the worst case scenarios. I have sat and cried for hours, for days at some of what I have found on the Internet. I have shed many many tears for other parents and their children but I have also shed my own tears for my own daughter because I was so afraid that hers would turn out to be the "worst case scenario." So just be careful and do not assume the worst but be prepared if that makes any sense at all.


#2. You are a family member or a friend that is just keeping yourself updated with Lexi's progress. And I thank you for your concern!

What is a hemangioma?

(You can click above on "what is a hemangioma?" or copy and paste the link below into your browser)

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